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July 22nd, 2008

09:42 pm - 008 - Voice Post
[voice post]

[sound quality is poor - he's using damaged equipment]

Whiny little bitches, all of you! What have any of you done to get rid of the monster or stop it from attacking us? Nothing! [a loud bang, probably Dilandu hitting something for emphasis] Absolutely nothing!

We wouldn't have attacked the monster if we hadn't thought our chances of success were good, and we've suffered too! My house is gone! But I'm not bitching and moaning about it. Get off your asses and move on.

Did any of you ever stop to think that if you'd all pitched in, all you fighters and you researchers and those with other skills, maybe the attack would've worked?

[a pause and the sound of Dilandu catching his breath]

...I've burned cities to the ground. I've killed men, women, even children in battle. This is a war. If you don't like it, get off the battlefield.

[end voice post]
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July 15th, 2008

12:17 pm - 007 [Filtered to Aaron and Mao]
[in response to this thread]

You, with the white hair and glasses... If you do anything to Aaron, I will fucking kill you. I'll take you apart piece by piece, from your toes all the way up to those stupid pointy ears of yours.

Aaron, you don't need anything from him.

[private to Aaron, easily hackable because Dilandu's not good with computers]Collapse )
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July 8th, 2008

03:34 am - 006
...I have a roommate.

It's... nice, not being by myself in this house.
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July 1st, 2008

10:41 am - 005 - Voice Post
[voice post]

So it looks like you've all finally started worrying about where you came from, instead of just where you are, huh?

Well, stop whining about it! I can't stand all of you spouting off about how people need you and oh, poor you, what about your responsibilities and your friends and your families. Either they're fine or they're not, and there's not a damn thing any of us can do about it! So shut up.

[a long pause]

[speaking to someone else in the apartment] Hey, Aaron, you want the computer now?


[OOC: ...He's pissed off because all this talk of timelines is making him worry about his Dragonslayers and whether or not he led them to their deaths.]
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June 24th, 2008

01:21 am - 004 - Voice Post
[voice post]

Augh! Why is it so hot again?! It's as bad as Freid!

I just realized something. I worked out the calendar discrepancy, and I think my birthday would be next week, if I were... home. But going by seasons and the solstices, it should've been... uh... [sounds of paper rustling - he's obviously checking a calendar] August eighth. Am I turning sixteen next week, or am I already sixteen? This is a real pain.

This will be the first birthday I've had without going back to the capitol for... for the tests. [Dilandu's voice is slightly strained here] Not that I miss the damn testing, but it's... strange.

[a long pause]

I'm having the nightmares again. Shit.

[A click - Dilandu thinks he's turned off the mic, but it's still on - followed by the sound of fingers drumming on the desk. A long pause.]


[unsteady breathing; he sounds close to tears]

Gatti, Shesta... Dallet... everyone... I can't take this... [a choked curse] Damn you all, I need you! I... I-I... [a cry of frustration, sounds of furniture being knocked over or thrown]

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June 2nd, 2008

10:11 pm - 003
[voice post]

Where the hell can I find a live blade around here?!


I need more vino, too. This clear stuff tastes horrible.

[end voice post]
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May 20th, 2008

12:42 pm - This calendar is so fucked up... Entry 003
I tried to keep a journal once when I was younger, before I was promoted to my current rank and had to spend all my time keeping other people in line. I really hated it.

But I don't have anything else to do now.

Folken, if you could see me now, you'd give me that look, wouldn't you?

Private, Easily-to-Moderately HackableCollapse )

On the upside, the shower here has good water pressure and there's no time-limit like there was on the Vione. The frozen food is decent, too.
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May 18th, 2008

09:39 am - Day ??? [voice post]
[OOC: Shortly after his arrival a week prior to this entry - the Monday after the Magical Disappearing Sunday - Dilandu went to the Rai Rai Ken, met Flonne, and had a slight... err, mental/emotional breakdown. Since then, he's been wandering around like a lost child, only half-aware of himself, and as a result this entry won't make much sense to anyone, him included. XD He's taken up residence in another abandoned apartment, mostly because he's realized that nearly every apartment has a computer, and he's trying to figure out why he's feeling so crappy and where the week went.

Also, if someone could suggest to him that he visit one of the museums just south-southwest of the Rai Rai Ken, that would be awesome, as I'd like to get him there to meet V in person.

[voice post]

[crackling and thumping sounds<]--upid piece of shit! I clicked that already...

Oh, now it works. [a derisive snort, then a cough, and the sound of Dilandu sputtering over a drink]

Ugh. I feel awful - must've been sick. I remember going to the place marked on my map... [sounds of paper being shifted/handled] And someone named Flonne... but after that...

So, I think I've got this machine figured out. I record a message and other people can hear it, right? That's easier than typing it out. Does someone want to tell me what the hell is going on? I woke up on the street again, and if that's normal for this place... [grumbling, sounds of plastic crinkling and muffled chewing noises]

[a long pause]

Damn, I haven't had a headache like this since I was a kid... If I didn't know better, I'd think the Madoushi... [indistinct swearing] I forgot this was still on...

Hey! Whoever's listening to this, where can I find a sword around here? I'm done trying to find a supply depot - this is a fucking war zone, I'll just take what I need. What kind of building would have an armoury?

[another pause, this one uncertain] ...V? Flonne? Are either of you out there somewhere? I'm... bored.

[sounds of Dilandu finishing his food and drink, several coughs, grumbling]

[connection either times out or is terminated]

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April 28th, 2008

03:22 pm - Day One
I wonder what day it really is? There's something on this desk that looks like a calendar, but I don't recognize the names of the Colors - in fact, they're not colors at all. January? July? Whatever.

Anyhow, this monitor and keyboard have to be for some sort of communication. I might as well use them. If my Dragonslayers are here, maybe they'll be able to find me this way.

I found another empty apartment on my way to someplace called Rai Rai Ken - some woman said I could get information there, and directions to a supply depot. This place is in worse shape than the other one; the upper floors are smashed. The hallway smells like death, so there must be corpses up there.

I've been walking all day. The last street intersection was 34th and First, so I'm about halfway to where I'm going. It's too damn hot out. I guess I shouldn't be drinking vino on a hot day like this, but I don't care. Everything else smells like it's gone bad.

My name is Dilandu Albatou from Zaibach, Gaea - if you know my name, come and find me, damn it! Folken, you especially! I want to know what the fuck is going on and you always figure these things out before anyone else! I'll be heading down First to the Rai Rai Whatever.
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